Who Stole Feminism?

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I would not be compelled to join this social media constraint on feminism with people who can hardly spell the word, save autocorrect. I have only chosen to give an overview on the concept, and its misconception in today’s world. Misconceptions held by those who base their argument on what has been said by someone, and not what really is.

Mark Twain said “Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please“, which is very right. Even if you want to distort and probably shade the truth with a permanent ink marker, at least, you should know what the truth. To those in the feminist’ debate today, get your facts right. It’s the least you can do.

The fact that you have written a Facebook status update, or a WhatsApp story, or probably retweeted an “equality” message doesn’t make you a feminist. You are not a feminist, if you cannot actively define what the word means. Neither are you one, when you cannot tell us what your Broadcast message tends to achieve on the long run. Hey, brother. Not every woman is a feminist, femalehood is not the criteria for feminism. Just because a woman shares how she feels, her hatred for injustice or her contempt for men doesn’t make her a feminist, don’t call her one.

Feminism is deeper than who cooks the food, pays the rent, scrubs the floor and kneels to greet.

Feminism is not man hating. There’s another word for man hating, and it is misandry.

Feminism is not condemning stay-at-home moms. That you decided to stay home with the chores and the kids, doesn’t make you less of a woman. If it does, it ain’t feminism that is responsible.

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Feminism is not only fighting for women. It is fighting for a balance or equality in gender roles.

Feminism is not meddling in other people’s affairs. You don’t critique lives of women who are not complaining to you.

This same feminism has helped to provide education for all, politics for all, opinion for all, jobs for all, to mention but a few.

You then wonder, who stole feminism?

Who stole it away from intellectuals and placed it in the hands of those that are too lazy to research?

Who stole feminism from impactful books and informative newsletters and placed it on sarcastic timelines and dumb tweets?


Who made feminism an abominative word?

Feminism, before our very eyes, is trodden deeper and deeper into the dirt of cluelessness and lack of facts, the mud of too little details with too much opinion, and we can but only watch.

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