What Do I Need to Be Successful?

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Many times, we work so hard to in a bid to cater for our needs. We want our works to be recognised and get paid for it. At different points, we all have sought after tips to be successful in life, with our businesses, our career paths, our brands, etc.

However, there is a major success tip that we need to focus our attention on, knowing this helps us decide the adequate steps to take in our journey towards achieving astounding success. What we need to succeed is just one person. Yes, you heard that right.

A single person can link you to the right people you need. Just one phone call can turn around our lives, from a struggling entrepreneur to a wealthy one. Nonetheless, that one person will not be there forever. What will sustain you on the road to success, despite their referral, is what you have to offer. This is not just one of those random tips to be successful in life that you come across, it’s a push to do better.

Let’s use your computer device as an example. You can plug your device in, remove the battery pack and continue using your computer as long as there is electricity supplied to it. But imagine if the charging port is not there or the motherboard is missing, or the screen is broken. No amount of electricity can make that computer useful.

We can also use a car scenario. You can start your car and remove the battery while the car is still running. As long as the ignition is on, that car can move from one place to another, provided the other parts are intact; the only missing piece is the battery.

That single person you need is likened to the battery. They may connect you to a wealthy business mogul or to a high-paying client, but if you have nothing concrete to offer or your services are inferior, you will end up returning to square one.

Summarily, you need a person’s connection and referral to be successful. However, they won’t be there forever. At a point, you will be alone and the quality of your work will speak for you.

It is, therefore, highly important for you to have high-quality services or skills to offer. This means that you need to be consistent at being the best at what you do, at giving value to everyone who comes your way. Learn to write better, to work better, to relate with your customers better. So, when that one person comes into your life and leaves, you will be able to sustain the journey you have embarked on.

Does this align with what you know on tips to be successful in life, in career or in business? Or you have a different opinion? I’d love to read your comment.

Johnson Akinkunle

Johnson Akinkunle

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