Leveraging Instagram Quick Replies for Better Engagement

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Do you have a business on Instagram? Do you respond to a lot of messages? Responding to different messages on Instagram can be absolutely stressful. This article will teach you how to use Instagram Quick Replies to get better engagement, which makes your marketing more human to your audience.

What Are Instagram Quick Replies and How Do They Work?

It’s just as the name implies: quick replies on Instagram. To emphasise further, Quick Replies are preset responses that have been created and automated with keywords, such that they can be used in Instagram DMs without having to type and without paying attention to how to write well every time. With this functionality, you can set fast responses to frequently asked questions from your customers.

Information like contact address, delivery details, price list of products, contact numbers, order confirmations and every other information given through Instagram DMs can be preset. Learning how to use Instagram Quick Replies really reduces the stress of typing every single time, helps you manage your time better, gives a better response time and engagement rate with your audience and also, keeps your messages uniform across different individuals and interactions.

Steps To Set Up Instagram Quick Replies

On your Instagram business profile page, click on the hamburger menu icon, that’s the three-line button as shown below.

Then, click on the Settings.

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At this stage, click on the Business option where you will select Quick Replies on the next page/pop-up.

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If you have set up Quick Replies in the past, you will find them here and you will be able to edit them. However, at this stage, you will learn how to create new Quick Replies for your business.

So, click on New Quick Reply.

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The setup is quite simple. Just add the quick reply you want and the shortcut you prefer. The shortcut is what you type when you want the message to pop-up. 

Below, I wrote delivery details and used “delivery” as my shortcut.

Oyin Akindele Instagram

So, based on the example, when a customer asks for delivery details, I simply type the shortcut.

As mentioned earlier, you can edit the Quick Replies you already created.

If you have a business, you definitely should take advantage of this for better chats with your audience and customers.

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