Easy Hacks to Write a Better Copy.

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When it comes to marketing strategy, there are different aspects fused towards the success of the product. However, something that cuts across all of these aspects is writing. Ranging from creating designs, building landing pages, publishing ads, implementing SEO processes, email marketing, etc, you cannot escape writing. This is why it is quite important to learn how to write better copy for your product marketing.

An excellent copy lowers the barrier between your message, the reader and the action you require them to take. At every stage in the marketing funnel, some barriers discourage your audience or customer from moving to the next level. These hurdles can be lowered when you master how to write better copy that informs, persuade and convert, without stress. 

Hey, this isn’t an A-Z guide on content or copywriting (wait for it, it’s coming soon), these are trusted hacks that teach you how to write better copy, considering that you have been writing and need to improve. They are tips I’ve learnt over time and as minute as they may appear, they have a lasting effect on your copy. They are more noticeable when you write shorter copy like Facebook and Instagram Ads copy, Landing page CTAs, etc. 


Think about it, what makes you use “very”? It’s simply because it comes with much ease and less thought. In a copy, it is a waste of opportunity. There are tons of stronger words you can use that evoke more emotions and pass the message across better. 

It also builds a sense of vagueness and ambiguity. When you say “very useful”, how useful is “very useful”? Indispensable, Irreplaceable and vital say it better.

Here is a list of better adjectives to use to replace “very” as compiled by ESLBuzz Learning English.


“Get” is considered the most useless word in the English language, it has been agreed that only lazy writers use it. (Or well, those who don’t know.)

It means nothing on its own, it can ALWAYS be replaced by another word that is more accurate and descriptive. Continued use of the term makes your copy more ineffective and less intelligent. 

Do you get the idea?  😏

Do you understand the idea? 👍

I got a new phone. 😒

I bought a new phone. 😍

She will get the apartment. 🙄

She will rent the apartment. 😘

Get in touch today! 🤔

Contact me today! 🤗

See? Less confusing, more intelligent


You may not find this useful if your brand is a very corporate one, you know, the kind where y’all use a suit and tie on Zoom meetings. But if you’re not, contract your sentences.

When you have too much friction in your content, it becomes more difficult to mentally flow with you. How do I mean?

“Hi, you are welcome to my blog!” 

“Hi, you’re welcome to my blog!” 

Did you feel that break in the first sentence? Unconsciously, we read exactly as the words have been written. When there’s a lot of such breaks in your marketing copy, the barrier to engage your audience effectively is heightened. It’s worse in long-form content, it becomes boring. 

So yeah, I know it’s unconscious, but it’s necessary. Stop breaking the flow, dear writer.


If you’re not working with these three yet, trust me, you. are. joking(…and it’s not a funny joke.) 

Punctuations help you direct the audience the exact way you want them to read your content, it helps evoke the reaction you want. In the paragraph above, how did you read the “you are joking” part? Exactly. 

Bolds help you focus on a particular aspect of your content. Is there a piece of information you want to pass across that you wouldn’t like your audience to miss, then use the bold effect. It works, especially when they’re just skimming through. 

Italics can help your content in different ways. You can use it to add an aside, an afterthought, a slang, deliberate use of an informal expression, etc. 

Don’t forget, use them sparingly. You don’t want to appear as aggressive or unserious to your Audience. 

All these hacks are not even just for you to learn how to write better copy and content, they help you be more human in your brand marketing

Don’t be robotic, write like you talk because your audience or customers read as they listen. 


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Thanks for the tips. They’re really good ones.

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