A Beautiful Mind – Flash Fiction.

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The day the man of my dreams came into my DM, I knew it wouldn’t last…or so I thought.

It was a fateful Saturday, I just posted a thread about something new I read that week. He came into the DM to acknowledge it.

He simply said, “you have a beautiful mind!”

Honestly, I had never felt more beautiful in my life.

I mean, this was someone I legit respected from afar. I was always in his comment box and he would occasionally come into mine, but he sent a DM? …said I had a beautiful mind?

I wanted to faint!

However, I didn’t have high hopes. He wasn’t the first of my many “crushes” to slide into the DM and find their way out.

Nonetheless, I continued. We chatted for hours that day, then moved to Whatsapp. I’m sure we must approached our five-year-plan topic before it happened.

He called me.

I couldn’t pick the call, I watched the phone ring until it went off. He called again, it happened again.

Few minutes later, he sent a message on Whatsapp.

“Hey, I called you. You busy?”

I saw the message and my heart screamed “NO!”

I tried to respond but I kept on typing & deleting, while tears rolled down my eyes.

How do I tell this man who I’ve liked from afar that I am deaf and dumb?😢

(Entirely fiction. Any association with anyone, living or dead, is a miracle.)

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Quistar · September 10, 2020 at 6:20 pm

I detached myself from this at the beginning because I knew it would be fiction. If I didn’t do that, the Yoruba demon inside of me would have cried.

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