How Audience Exclusion Helps your Facebook and Instagram Ads

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Except you’re remarketing to your customers, always exclude audience that already performed the action you want them to perform. If you are trying to sell a book, exclude those who already bought it, else you’re disadvantaged.

First, your budget which should be focused on getting new customers is still being spent on people who already bought the book. Your budget is constrained, serving both those who need it and those who don’t need it at the same time. Why not just give your budget a focus and remove those who already bought your book, especially since you’re still selling the same book?

Second, when someone who has already bought your book keeps seeing your ad, they don’t engage with it anymore. The implication of this is that your impressions keep increasing while the engagement and conversions you want is not coming forth. The algorithm keeps doing extra work that could have been avoided and guess who pays for it? You. This explains why your cost per result could get higher with time.

Third, if you have impatient customers, they feel spammed for seeing the ad, having performed the required action. “I already bought your book, why are you showing it to me again?” and well, are they not right?

Thus, some click on the “Hide ad, Never see this ad again” option which is a negative feedback to the algorithm, that your ad is no longer relevant to your audience.

Facebook Ads Audience Exclusion in Facebook and Instagram Ads
Audience Exclusion in Facebook and Instagram Ads

Thus, your ad loses quality points which impacts how high they win in ad auctions. Painfully, your ad is shown to fewer people and most likely, at higher cost.

So, preferably, exclude the audience of people who already performed the action you want from your Facebook and Instagram ads for high efficiency.

How do you do this? I will share later in the week. Follow me to learn more. You can also check how to use detailed targeting on Facebook and Instagram ads.


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