Oyinlola Akindele

Hi, I am Oyinlola Akindele. Most people call me Miloh, since you’re here, you may call me that too.

Sometimes, I’m a Content Specialist who has mastered the art of telling brand stories that resonate with the target audience and that Search Engine Result Pages honour. Other times, I’m a budding Technical Writer, gradually learning the ways of writing tech jargon in such simplified manners that a layman can understand.

However, all of the time, I am an Online Market-woman who has learned the ways of selling on Digital platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram. Online strategy, Customer Service and Relations, Facebook and Instagram paid ads, organic traffic through Search Engine Optimisation, I have learnt these in the past few years, the learning process however, never ends.

I love to share my knowledge, narrate my experience and document strategies I see, that explains what I do on my social media platforms, an avenue to share all the aforementioned.

My blog also tells my stories, you know, shows the not-so-boring side of me. It’s simple, it’s real, it’s totally me.

Oh, and I have an addiction. It’s Google. If you take a wild guess, I’ll probably be checking “How to take a wild guess…” on Google right now.

Of course, I have a fam!😎

Every month, I share premium tips and information with my fam, those within my circle. These tips are not restricted to marketing, but general guides you will find useful, whatever career path you choose.

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